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Hayley Morris



My name is Hayley Morris and I am the Manager of Mini Treasures Day Nursery. Id like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit of information about myself.

I have worked In childcare for over fifteen years as a Nursery assistant to Manager in a variety of settings. My aim in life is to make sure the future generations get all the support they need to make the world a better place and to help those that are as passionate about childcare that I am. Mini Treasures should be a fun place to be while offering outstanding service and it is my job to make this happen!

Outside of the Nursery, I enjoy Travel and the Arts, from Music, Theatre, film and Digital gaming I enjoy spending time out to get to grips with the history and atmosphere of my chosen medium.

I am here to support Mini Treasures, from giving the Mini Treasures family the opportunities to develop and learn to making sure that the day to day running of the building goes smoothly, I am always here to help, with this in mind, please feel free to share any information that can help me to help you and the children in my care.



Management Level 4

Assessing NVQ

SEND reforms 

Children’s rights



First Aid Management 

Paediatric First Aid 

Improving Children’s learning through play 

Characteristics of effective learning 

Promoting positive behaviour


Reflective practise


 NVQ Level Three

Sustained shared thinking 

Supporting EY development 

Effective use of the EY pupil premium 


 Food Hygiene and Allergies Level 2 

Managing OFSTED inspections 

Equality and inclusion 

Anxiety and Autism


Prevention and Referrals Level 2 

Food Allergy 


Send code of practise 

Manuel handling 

Designated Safeguarding Officer Wandsworth 

Fire Warden and Marshall 

Health and safety 

Administration of medicines 

Peer on Peer abuse 



Reasonable Force in Schools 2

Fire Safety Level 2 

Equality and diversity 


Safer recruitment 

Mental wellbeing in children 

Online safety 

Preventing Bullying 


High Scope 

Practical guide to GDPR 

Substance misuse 2019

Sexual violence and harassment between children 


Dealing with bereavement and loss 

Domestic Abuse 

Raising Awareness of Trafficking and Modern Slavery 

Prevent referrals 


Teresa 'Teri' Guildford

Deputy Manager


My name is Teresa ‘Teri’ Guildford and I am the Deputy Manager and the Baby Room Leader of Mini Treasures Day Nursery. I’d like to take this opportunity to share some information about myself.


I started studying Childcare in my late twenties from a Nursery Nurse to Management, I have over twenty years’ experience in this field and my aim to make sure that the children in my care thrive, achieve all their academic milestones while having lots of fun in the bargain!

Outside of the nursery, I have a Son and I enjoy watching DVDs and gaming. I love the theatre and dining out with my friends and family.

When in the Baby Room I like to make sure that my Key children get messy! We love exploring the outdoors and always have some exciting trips planned.





Headcount support session 2016

Management level 3

Food Allergy 



Fire Safety Level 2 

Fire Warden and Marshall 

First Aid


NVQ Level 3



Food Hygiene and Allergy’s