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Justin Tranter - Photographer



I'm a London based professional photographer with over 5 years experience. I always enjoy coming to Mini Treasures and had a great time meeting the parents and having fun with the children during our Mothers Day shoot

Parents that join Mini Treasures are able to get discounted rates on professional photoshoots and celebrations outside the nursery setting, please feel free to browse my website and see all the amazing people I have met

Please be aware that any photographs taken at Mini Treasures are the copyright of the Parents and no photographs will be displayed without permission

My Website

Telephone Number: 07948611440


Paul Morris - Videographer


I am a professional Photographer and Videographer for Mini Treasures and I really enjoy making sure that the children in my care are having a great time and that these precious moments are captured for a lifetime! Outside of Mini Treasures I spend my time travelling, particularly to the Philippians where I have a charitable organisation that provides aid and rescue to those in need during times of disaster and calamities, feel free to take a look

My Website

Telephone Number: 07713127864


The Cats Protection League 

The Cats Protection league has visited Mini Treasures and was kind enough to teach us about how to look after and care for our Cats at home. The Cats Protection League has grown to become the UK's leading feline welfare charity. We help around 200,000 cats and kittens every year through our network of 250 volunteer-run branches over 30 centres.


The Blue Cross

The Blue Cross has visited Mini Treasures and was kind enough to teach us about how to look after our Dogs at home, The Blue cross helps to rehome, provide veterinary and educational support as well as offer Pet bereavement support to those in need


Lillywhite Dental Practise

Lillywhite Dentist Kelly has visited Mini Treasures Nursery and was kind enough to teach the children about dental hygiene. At Lillywhite Dental Practice gives high quality dental care in a calm, relaxing environment. Their friendly team are always on hand to help and give you advice should you need it, and experienced dentists will give you a full range of treatment options and information allowing you to decide what treatment would be best for you. They offer a wide variety of treatments ranging from general dentistry and preventative care to more complex, cosmetic dentistry including facial aesthetic treatments, adult orthodontics, whitening and veneers. They are conveniently located on the 2nd Floor of Faccini House Medical Centre in Morden, a short walk from St Helier Rail Station and accessible by buses 80, 157 and 164. They have wheelchair access, a lift and there is plenty of free street parking.

Please call us on 02086851200 if you would like any further information or email us at


Sports Elite


We are lucky that Kai from Sports Elite came to visit us during our graduation. Sports Elite aim to structure their sessions in the most enjoyable way possible taking care in planning and how they can help develop each individual. They deliver sessions within fun games, drills and matches adding conditions, ideas and key points for those to try allowing independent learning which has been found to be very effective. 


Pyjama Drama with Vicky and Julie

Pyjama Drama visit nurseries and preschools delivering unique, age-differentiated drama classes and Interactive Performances. They are in settings throughout the UK and in California, Malaysia and Australia.

Children sing and dance, play games and pretend, and it's always a different adventure! Pyjama doesn't use props and costumes to harnesses the power of the imagination to nurture confident, expressive, curious and happy children.